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Ethics as a Resource During a Continually Evolving Public Health Emergency
(July 7, 2020)

The last few months have presented many challenges as transmission of COVID-19 affected individual patients, families, healthcare providers, healthcare systems, and our communities at large. Healthcare providers have many stories to share addressing provision of care for increasing numbers of extremely ill patients, limitations on visitors, expansion of ICU bed availability, PPE access, an ever-evolving understanding of the virus, dedicated and weary staff, critical care resources, and more. Ethics has been, and continues to be, a resource in decision making around resource allocation processes, effective and transparent communication, provider safety in providing treatment, healthcare equity, and more.



Racial Health Disparities and COVID-19: Two Pandemics?
(August 12, 2020)

Longstanding inequity in healthcare access and the influence of social determinants of health have become increasingly visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Particular racial and ethnic groups are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and the emerging racial disparity in rates of diagnosis and dying is startling. Obtaining accurate, publicly available data on the prevalence of COVID-19 diagnosis, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths by race and ethnicity has been challenging. Concern about availability of intensive care resources raises questions about fair allocation processes against the backdrop of health disparities and systemic racism. In this continually evolving pandemic, what steps can we take now to deeply recognize and address disparity and to sustain action in the future?

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Dr. Ibram X. Kendi Webinar on Anti-Racism
(September 16, 2020)

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research and New York Times bestselling author of How To Be An Antiracist, addresses our individual responsibility to create a more just and equitable society through the transformative concept of Antiracism. Our moderator was Dr. Carol Anderson, the Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies at Emory University and author of White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide. Dr. Kendi’s webinar was the inaugural James W. Fowler Ethics event, honoring Dr. James “Jim” Fowler, the first full-time director of the Center for Ethics, whose life and work exemplified moral courage.

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An Interview with Dr. Carol Anderson
(October 26, 2020)

An Interview with Dr. Carol Anderson, Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies at Emory University and Author of One Person, One Vote: How Voter Suppression is Destroying Our Democracy

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